Below is a list of the metaphors employed at I know, some of them are stupid, but so what? If you don’t like it, go read Marmaduke.  Wait, please don’t do that. That dog will melt your brain.

ALCOHOL = Entertainment or pleasure.

BAMBOO = I don’t know exactly, but something not very nice.

BUTTERFLY = Semiotics, semantics, ambiguity and innuendo.  All the stuff that makes talking more confusing.

CIGARETTES = Vietnam.  Not the country,  but the memory, the stigma, the scar that is ‘Nam!

CHICKEN = Atheists. (check out the metaphor for egg. Eh, you like that?)

COCKROACHES = The little, common people.

COFFEE = Obscure or trivial knowledge.

DODO BIRD = History.

DRINKS = A hint to the driving force or main pursuit of a character.

EGG = God.

EXERCISE = Economic policy and well-being.

FISH = Money.

FLASHLIGHT = Constant loss.  A hopeless, bleak circumstance.

FLOWER = Hope.

GNAT = A liberal or conservative.  Does it really matter which?

LEMONADE = Material goods. Wants, not needs. Unsure if iPods fit in here or not.

LEMONADE STAND = International marketplace.

LIGHTNING = Physical pain.

MACHINES = Bureaucracy.  You should have figured that out on your own.

MOON = The creator’s alter ego. Yes, I am that confused.

MOSQUITO = A liberal or conservative.  The more annoying of the two; you decide.

PIGEON = Peace.

ROCK = Ideas, inspiration.

SNAIL = Wisdom.

SICKLE = Communism…duh.

SNAKE = Organized religion. Ah, the irony.

SOCCER = Diplomacy.

SODA = Greed.

STAR = 1.Emotional pain. 2.Fiscal pain (not to be confused with physical pain.)

SUN = The creator.  Of the strip, not God. Well, it’s sort of the same thing…AHHHH! Damn, that lightning hurts.

SUNGLASSES = Westernized.  Actually or superficially.

TEA = Enlightenment.

TELEVISION = Higher education.

TREES = The players in the male/female relationship.  Bonzai trees are females and males are fir, obviously.

WATER = Time.