Metaphor Nations is a political comic strip that blends the traditional political metaphor with the static character development of a mainstream strip. It evolved from a sketch about a penguin and a mouse sitting on a bag of money into a small cast of characters, each one a metaphorical representation of the various countries that make our world. Metaphor Nations, with all (probably futile) attempts to steer clear of an opinion, searches to poke every corner of society with the proverbial stick.

As the creator of Metaphor Nations I try not to kid myself that it is anything greater than it really is: line drawings with back-and-forth dialogue about irreverent political realities. The cartoons aren’t posted regularly and I have no formal training, but I think the characters give voice to those of us who, while politically cynical, still manage to maintain a lighthearted humor through it all. is my first step to introduce Oosa, Alpha, Chin, Felpudito & company to the world. For the foreseeable future it will remain the only forum in which they can be found. I hope it finds a small, loyal readership that eagerly anticipates the release of each new strip. Maybe it will eventually find its way into other platforms. Who knows?

For now I will be content to post new strips to the website and leave it at that. It would be nice to have a small following that monitors Metaphor Nations’s progress, but I think I would continue to post them regardless of how many readers there are. I hope you are one of those who finds these cartoons thoughtful and entertaining if not downright hilarious. . . Don’t worry, I am well aware that this format, however well done, could never be hilarious.

My one eccentric gesture: I have delegated reader comments to my mainstay character, Oosa. Feel free to email him at Just keep in mind that penguins don’t check their inboxes very often. But he’ll get back to you.

-Tee Juaqin