Hello, Oosa

Posted by admin on Tuesday Sep 8, 2009 Under Uncategorized

Well, it’s finally up. It’s a beginning. Hoping to have a new cartoon at least weekly. So let’s hear some feedback. Complain.

6 Responses to “Hello, Oosa”

  1. SuperSonic Says:

    Greatings, Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your metaphornations.com.

  2. Ivan Says:

    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

  3. admin Says:

    Thanks, Ivan
    I’m highly skeptical as to whether or not you really exist, but I need to test out this page, so what the hell.
    I hope you enjoy it. I hope it excites you. I hope you dance to it with fairies in an enchanted forest.
    So mark t on Digg, yeah.

  4. admin Says:

    It’s not clear because I haven’t been. Although, since your comment is from November,
    I guess you could say I update it every four months.

  5. littlelisadawg Says:

    I like your approach and perspective.

  6. Aunt Di Says:

    Slyly caustic and subversive, I love it!!

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